There is no debate, we know software!

We’ve been at the forefront of custom software development for over 20 years, this makes us experts at all things complex, from technology design, agile strategies, to complex integration into legacy systems. Our extensive knowledge and passion for groundbreaking technology allow us to develop solutions that empower your business. Our focus is always on delivery, and with access to obscure skills, we make sure we always deliver for every client.

Binaural is flat, quick, and efficient. Having one contact, our CEO Founder for Technology and Development Questions Etienne Venter, ensures we build a strong relationship between the clients and our offsite team, because, at the end of the day, that’s what ensures our joint success.

Why We’re Different

Highly Skilled and Strategic: our clients have access to only our most experienced senior developers – that are smart, fast, and have over 20 years experience; ensuring the can handle even the most challenging briefs.
Fast and Agile: we are here to make your life easier. This means our teams are built to be  flexible and adaptable. 
Fluent in Unique Languages: whether bringing a new product to market or modernising a mature product, we have the skills to help you deliver a better outcome in a shorter time.
Global: we have extensive experience, working in several EU countries and US states.
being based in South Africa ensures we can offer our US and EU clients advanced development at a fraction of the cost.

Our Origin | BINAURAL

If you research the name BINAURAL, you will be offered at least three definitions,  for our Founder the name originated from the release of an music album entitled Binaural, by a U.S. alternative rock band Pearl Jam. Lyrics such as “Sorry is the fool who trades his love for hi-rise rent. Seems the more you make equals the loneliness you get…” gave him the inner resolve to shape his gratitude of ‘duality’, both in business, and in technology, today.

What We Believe

Use technology to enable. 

When acting on technology, whether designing, appropriating, modifying, or even resisting it, we are influenced by our setting, and draw on existing stocks of knowledge, resources, and norms to engage with Technology. Often these influences are unarticulated or unappreciated. Even for the biggest novice, we will take the time to inform, and educate. Tech is here to stay, let us help you get tech-enabled.

Build with strategic intent.

As organisations struggle and learn to be more flexible in turbulent times, without any strategic intention, there is no compass to direct your choices. And without an overarching strategy to guide your choices, you are at the mercy of the whim and pressure that each moment exerts. Since “the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do,” we will guide you to technology that is truly efficient and meaningful.

Offer fair pricing.

Unlike our competitors, we care about the small guy. The starter, the fighter, the underdog, the big fish in a small pond. Why? When we are permitted to use the same doggedness that got you this far, in ‘digital’ to grow your business, the results are a lot quicker, and have bigger impact in communities we care about.

Stand for what’s right.

We’re mindful of where we source our business. We don’t seek or accept work from clients if we believe they put profit before people, or engage in any form of exploitation. Naturally, it’s not always easy to uncover or determine these things with complete certainty, but we’re determined not to benefit those who we believe harm. And we’d rather not benefit from them either.

Scale what is good.  

Good investment is the term we use for Binaural’s policy of offering pro–bono agency work to financially challenged social companies, and causes we believe worthwhile, but are economically disadvantaged. We’re committed to providing access to our services for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it, but would benefit immensely from its application. This policy is openly communicated and continually practised alongside commercial work (with just a couple of requests to help make it possible: we have reasonable creative control, and no strict deadlines) – to apply, email foh (at ), using the subject line: ProBono.

Change of Ownership Announcement Letter.


We want to bring to your notice and announce that our firm, BINAURAL has been recently acquired by Detect Mobile.

The change in the ownership would be effective from 1 December 2020.

BINAURAL will honour all existing development projects.

Our story continues…

We set out to make life easier for companies seeking advanced development. Along the way, we also solved a big problem for small businesses; optimizing small budgets when no one else could. It was then that helping small businesses thrive in today’s complex digital economy became our mission. This is also the mission of what will come next. Expanding into new markets, with dedicated specialists as passionate about small business success as us, is what takes us into the next chapter in our storybook. Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation takes us from here.

Thank you!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for putting your trust in us over the last while and bringing us to where we are today. We come to work every day for you. Everybody is driven to make marketing management better and easier for you. This commitment is stronger than ever during this exciting time.

To read the full press release please click here.

Sincerest gratitude,
Etienne Venter
Binaural’s CEO